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Ace your vocabulary with is amongst the 50 best websites 2012 by Time (only of them is education website). It feature a down-to-earth dictionary, which is fun, easy to read and easy to understand.

“Our dictionary is different. Most vocabulary words include a short blurb that describes what the word means and how the word is used. These blurbs are easy to understand and fun to read. If there’s an entertaining story about the word, we include it. If the word can be confused with another, we include that information as well. The point is to help you learn and remember the words you look up without having to look it up a hundred times.”

Beside a brief definition, a dictionary-type example, synonyms and antonyms, you’ll also learn the meaning of the word as we explain it to each other, as well as a bit history of the word. For commonly confused words, there are articles to describe the difference right next to the definition. Moreover, there are real-life usage examples taken from newspapers and magazines. Last but not least, you’ll find a small box which shows the word’s family and how popular each member is (how often you’ll find the word in a text).  How nice is that!

But one of the most loved feature of the website is that it helps you learn words in a fun and effective way. The website develops its own way to personalize your learning experience. They have their own word lists, and they also allow you to create and share your own lists. For detail information about the website and what you can do with it, have a look at how it works.

The website looks lovely. It is intuitive and easy to follow. As many other website, they have their own blog for news and announcements.

This website is more suitable for intermediate to advanced English learners.


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